Industry Advisory Committee

The Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) consists of Flemish companies that are involved in the project to:

  • Steer the project goals and project outcomes (which targeted solutions are most relevant).
  • Discuss challenging issues regarding sub-1ghz wireless communications in Flanders with the researchers.
  • Build up knowledge and stay up to date on the early results of the progress made on improved sub-1ghz wireless communications.
  • Have the opportunity to partake in applied follow-up projects and valorization paths together with the academic consortium and other user committee members.

The involvement of the IAC members is particularly important to develop solutions with a strong valorization potential.

During the project lifetime of 4 years, there will be 1 or 2 workshop meetings per year with the industrial partners.

The Industry Advisory Committee currently consists of 55 companies covering the complete value chain and active in diverse verticals