The project Intelligent DEnse And Long Range IoT networks (IDEAL-IoT) is a 4-year SBO project to research management and optimization solutions for LPWAN technologies (LoRA, Sigfox, IEEE 802.11ah, etc.).

The goal is to:

  • Get technology insights in terms of performance for different application domains, mutual interference and techno-economical aspects.
  • Develop solutions for real-time control, reconfiguration and optimization of LPWAN networks to improve co-existence of different technologies, improve scalability, support handovers and meshing and add differentiated QoS support.
  • Develop management and application services for indoor/outdoor localization, diagnostics & monitoring, scalable network & QoS management, multi-provider optimizations, network virtualization & software defined networking, and deployment & network planning.

The project is supported by a large Industry Advisory Committee consisting of xx Flemish companies that support and steer the project to realize solutions with a high valorization potential.